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Wondering how to drop a class, course loads, bypassing core classes, and course forgiveness? All the answers are here.

Course Loads, Dropping Classes, Withdrawal from University
Bypassing Core Classes

Students who enter the MPA program having taken prior undergraduate coursework in public administration may bypass PAD 5050, PAD 5417, or PAD 5227 Financial Resources if they have completed at least two undergraduate public administration courses with a grade of A and have been reviewed by the MPA director as well as by a faculty member responsible for the course. To bypass PAD 5227, one of the undergraduate courses must have been in public budgeting (and include an introduction to financial administration).

Students who receive a bypass should take an intermediate course in the same general area, personnel or financial, or a general elective in public administration if PAD 5050 is bypassed. A bypass does not reduce the total credits for a degree (it is not a waiver), but allows students to better fit course selections to their level of knowledge. Those who have taken graduate coursework at other institutions should consult the section of this Handbook that deals with transfer of credits.

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