David Coursey
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Syracuse University, Public Administration
MPA., Alabama-Birmingham
B.S., Alabama-Birmingham, political science/chemistry

Specializations: public management, information technology/e-gov, research methods, policy analysis, organizational theory

Phone: (850) 644-7398
(850) 942-2817
Email: dcoursey@fsu.edu
Office: 658 Bellamy

Dr. David Coursey is known for his pioneering work in the practice of e-gov since the early 1990's. He has led the development of over sixty applications and trained over 1,500 government workers in e-gov for Government Technology magazine. He developed and chaired the information technology track inthe Askew School as well as the Askew Web Development Group and his own company, WebHeads, Inc. His current work stresses measurement theory and evaluation of e-gov performance. He won the second highest honor from the Davis Productivity awards (for innovation in Florida government) for his e-gov work. Dr. Coursey is alsoon the editorial boards of Public Productivity and Management Review and the International Journal of E-Gov Research.

Recent Publications and Papers

Coursey, D., Connolly, C. Intranets: What Local Governments Provide. ICMA Press, expected mid-2005.

Coursey, D. E-Government Services: How Well Do Citizen Requests Match Local Government Provision? ICMA Press, expected mid-2005.

Coursey, D., “E-Government: Trends, Benefits, and Challenges,” in The Municipal Yearbook 2005. ICMA Press.

Coursey, D. “Strategically Managing Information Technology: Challenges in the E-Gov Era,” in Rabin, J. (ed.) Handbook of Public Administration, 3rd edition, Marcel Dekker, in press.

Coursey, D. “Human Resource Management Challenges in Government Information Technology,” Review of Public Personnel Administration, 25(3), 203-206.

Coursey, D. (ed.), “Issues in Personnel Management for Government Information Management,” (symposium) Review of Public Personnel Administration. 25(3), 207-243.

Coursey, D., Welch, E., and Pandey, S. (2005). “Organizational Determinants of Internally Perceived Website Effectiveness in State Public Health and Human Service Agencies,” Proceedings of the 38th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Coursey. D., and S. McCreary (2005). “Using Technology in the Workplace,” in S. Condrey (ed.) Handbook of Human Resource Management in Government, 2nd edition, Jossey-Bass, 189-214.

Coursey, D., Killingsworth, J. (2005). “Managing E-Gov in Florida: Further Lessons from Transition and Maturity.” In Garson, G. D. (ed.) Handbook of Public Information Systems. 2nd edition. Marcel Dekker, 335-352.

Guy, M., Klay, E., and Coursey, D. (2004). “Essential Management Practices,” in C. Newell (ed.), The Effective Local Government Manager. 3rd edition. ICMA Press, 113-152.

Franzel, J., and Coursey, D. (2003). “Government Web Portals: Management Issues and the Approaches of Five States,” in A. Pavlichev and G. David Garson (eds.) Digital Government: Principles and Best Practices, Idea Group, Inc., 63-77.

Coursey, D., and Pettijohn, C. (2003). “Information Resource Management in Florida: A Primer,” in Rabin, J., Munzenrider, R., and Bartell, S. (eds.) Principles and Practice of Public Administration, Marcel Dekker Publishing Company.

Coursey, D., Killingsworth, J. (2001) “Managing Web Services: Lessons from Florida,” in Garson, G. D. (ed.) Handbook of Public Information Systems. Marcel Dekker, 331-345.

Landsbergen, D., Coursey, D., Loveless, S., and Shangraw, R. (1997). "Decision Quality, Confidence and Commitment with Expert Systems: An Experimental Study," JPART, 7(1), 131-157.

Wittmer, D., and Coursey, D. (1996). “Ethical Work Climates: Comparing Top Managers in Public and Private Organizations,” JPART, 6(4), 559-571.

Coursey, D., and Pettijohn, C. (1994). "Information Management: A Primer," in R. Chackerian (ed.) The Florida Public Policy Management System: Growth and Reform . Florida Center for Public Management, 237-254.

Coursey, D., Bretschneider, S., and Blair, J. (1993). "IWSAS: Expert System Phone Survey Assistance for Hazardous Waste Generation," Interfaces, 23(3), 79-90.

Recent Awards and Achievements

2000 FSU President’s Award for Distinguished Technology Development (annual award for best contributions to FSU towards the use of technology in instruction and university-support).

2000 Real Media National Web Slideshow Competition, National Finalist for Educational Sites (for work on Florida Panther Net)

1995 Davis Productivity Award, Notable Work Unit, for World Wide Web class contributions to state government electronic public information access. Award is the second highest honor for state employee productivity and innovation.

“Top 1001 Web Sites” (only one of ten state government sites so honored in 1995) for state legislative web site by PC Computing, Florida Department of State site developed in part by Askew Web received Webmaster’s “Top 50” internet site award (1997), other web awards from Magellan and PointCom, C-SPAN, Florida Communities Network. Web work or related interviews have appeared in Chronicle of Higher Education, Webmaster, PA Times, Government Technology, Internet World, New York Times, Web Review, many state newspapers and been featured in news stories on WFSU, the Sunshine Network, National Public Radio, and C-SPAN.

1994 Not-for-Profit and Public Sector Division Innovation Award, Academy of Management, for proposal to develop databases for accessing annual conference papers via web.

1991 Charles Levine Award, for best paper in the Public Sector Division of the Academy of Management at their annual conference.

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