Michael McCreary

Samuel (Michael) McCreary
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Virginia Tech, Public Administration and Public Affairs
M.P.A., California State Univ., Hayward, Health Care Administration
B.S./B.A., Univ. of Phoenix, Business Administration

Specializations: E-government, health care management and finance, information technology policy, public and nonprofit budgeting and finance, public service ethics.


Prof. McCreary is a member of numerous professional public administration, health care and information technology organizations. His research interests include e-government, health care management and finance, information technology policy, public and nonprofit budgeting and finance, and public service ethics. He has also been a practitioner at the local government level for many years and has served as a consultant on health care finance and physician contract issues.

His guest lecture topics include the legal and ethical dimensions of privacy issues relative to the Internet, the dynamics of health care financing in the managed care environment, the emergence of a new civic space on the Internet and its implications for public officials; and budgeting in a multi-sectoral world: challenges of complexity, stewardship, ethics, and citizen participation.

Recent Publications and Papers

Co-Author: Using Technology in the Workplace. In S.M. Condrey & J.L. Perry(Eds.), Handbook of Human Resource Management in Government (pp. 189-214), 2005. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Co-Author: That Old Time Religion: Efficiency, Benchmarking, and Productivity.
Public Administration Review, Vol. 61 (No. 1, January/February 2001): 116-120.

Co-Author: The Deep Structure of Presidential Space. American Review of Public Administration, Vol. 29 (No. 3, September 1999): 211-224.

Author: Public Administration - The Bard's View. Public Voices Vol. 4, (No. 4, February 1999).

SECOPA 2005 (Southeastern Conference for Public Administration) 2005 paper presentation in Little Rock, Arkansas, October 6, 2005. Topic: “Beyond Point and Click: E-Government Architecture and Its Policy Implications for Public Administrators.”

Paper presentation at the 66th American Society for Public Administration National Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 3, 2005. Topic: “Deconstructing the Regime: The Outer Limits of Privatization.”

Paper presentation for the 26th annual Center for Public Administration and Policy High Table conference, Blacksburg, Virginia, March 28, 2003. Topic: “The USA PATRIOT Act: Protecting or Undermining the Regime?”

Paper: "Space and Power: Architectural Expansion and the Presidency," co-presented at:

SECOPA 97 (Southeastern Conference for Public Administration), September 25-27, 1997, Knoxville, Tennessee; and

Southern Political Science Association, 69th Annual Meeting. November 5-8, 1997, Norfolk, Virginia.


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